How it works: From start to finish

Vidamor was originally created to help couples find the perfect song for their wedding ceremony or first dance. But life consists of many different chapters and we wanted to create a company that cherishes every moment of life and that could write the most beautiful customized songs for every life event. We help you transform your feelings and your personal love or life story into a customized song. Music is a powerful and emotional form of communication and therefore every special occasion in life deserves to have a personalized song. We help you make your wish come true. Our experienced award-winning songwriters and musicians will guide you through the whole songwriting process and let you be part of it every step of the way. Each custom song is inspired by you and your personal life story. Our award-winning songwriters will take your story and shape it into a one-of-a-kind song.

We transform your personal story into a custom song

We will make it easy for you. You start the process by completing our simple questionnaire. Tell us about your special occasion and let us know your personal story. Share your most cherished moments and memories. Select your desired music genre, the mood and let us know if you have a favorite song you want us to use as an inspiration. The rest is on us. Let our songwriters and lyricists work the magic and create your personalized song for your special occasion. 

lyrics for your customized song
Custom music for your very own song
Song recording for your custom song
Custom song delivery

The Lyrics

Every song we create is built from scratch. Tell us your story behind your song. Let us get to know you and get a feeling of who you are. Our writers will transform your vision and story into the most beautiful lyrics. All of our lyrics are custom written based on the information you provide us. Whether it is a love song, a happy song or a sad song, our lyricists will find the perfect words. We will be in touch with you along the way and we will make changes until you are 100% satisfied.

The Music

Tell us about your favorite music genre or a song we should use as an inspiration and we will write an original song, just for you. Compared to other song-writing services, we will write your song from scratch, we will not use a pre-existing song or melody. Your song is unique to you. We will send you samples and we will make changes to the composition until you are in love with the music. Your happiness is the most important to us.

The Recording

Only after you have approved the lyrics and the music, our talented musicians, vocalists and recording engineers will record, mix and master your personalized song. We guarantee that we only work with experienced artists and technicians and that we record in state-of-the-art recording studios. We will deliver your song electronically in the highest quality possible.

The Delivery

Once a customized song is recorded and finished, we will listen to it for quality before delivering it electronically to you. Your song delivery will include the original and instrumental version of your song in high-resolution formats (.WAV and .AIFF files) as well as in a compressed format (.mp3 file). The delivery also includes the sheet music for your custom song as well as the lyric sheet. 

What distinguishes us from other custom songwriting services?

Many services that write customized songs promise to deliver your song within 2 weeks or less. We believe that creativity can't be rushed. A song is like a good bottle of wine. It needs time to ripe and to develop the perfect flavor. Our goal is that your are 100% happy when we deliver the final song to you. Once you submit the questionnaire we will get in touch with you before we start writing the music for your special occasion song. We believe that personal contact and staying in touch with you along the songwriting process is essential and important. After all, it is your story we are transforming into a beautiful customized song. After talking to you, we will match one of our professional songwriters and lyricists to your song and you will receive some demo music shortly after. If you like the music we will move to the next step and write the customized lyrics. If you don't like the music at all, no worries, we will start over again. There are no limited rounds of revisions. Your happiness is the most important to us. Only after your final approval of the music and the lyrics, we will go ahead and record and mix your personalized song in our state-of-the-art recording studios.

Compared to other custom songwriting services, you will not just get an acoustic version of your song. We will deliver a fully produced song with layers of vocals and instruments, whatever is needed to produce your perfect personalized song. Up to two vocalists are included in our song package and for an extra fee, we will even get you a full choir or orchestra. The sky is the limit. Our songwriters have worked with the biggest names in the music industry and we promise that we only deliver radio quality songs.

We also don't have a limit on the length of your song. A typical customized song is between 3 and 4 minutes long, but depending on the music genre or your personal story, your customized song can be up to 6 minutes long. And as our appreciation to you, you will keep 10% of the writer's share of your personal song. Other songwriting services retain 100% of the rights to your song but we believe that you deserve some credit too. After all, it is your personal story in that song. So congratulations, you are officially a songwriter now!