5 Reasons that distinguish our personalized wedding songs from other songwriting services

There are plenty of songwriting services out there that promise you to write the perfect song for your wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation or any other special occasion. But why are we different?

Reason 1: We don’t rush our songs

We don't rush our songs and promise to deliver a song within a few days or a week. A good song is like a beautiful flower. It needs some time to develop, to grow, to flourish. The process from planting the seed to full blossom can’t be rushed. It needs time. The same applies to a song. You might think at first it’s great to get your personalized wedding song within a week or days. But does the song really tell your personal love story? Is it customized enough, are you 100% in love with the music? We involve you in the songwriting process. We will send you samples of the music and the lyrics. If you don’t like it, we will start from scratch or make changes until you are 100% satisfied. And only after you have approved the music and the lyrics, we will record the song.

Reason 2: Your song is one of a kind

We won’t use any music or lyrics that have been used before. Your song was written just for you. And we will promise that we won’t use any part of your song for another project.

Reason 3: Length of your customized song

There is no defined limit on the length of your song. Usually, customized songs are between 3 to 4 minutes long, but depending on the style, music genre or story you have to tell, your personalized song can be up to 6 minutes long. Each personal story is different and our songs will reflect that.

Reason 4: Our vocalists

We don’t limit your vocalists to just one person. Especially for love and wedding songs, you might want to have a female and male vocalist. Our standard song package includes up to two vocalists for your song. We can also record additional vocalists or a choir for additional fees. The sky is the limit!

Reason 5: Award-winning songwriters and musicians

We only work with the best songwriters and musicians in the industry. Our writers combined have sold more than 100 million records worldwide and received multiple awards, including the prestigious RIAA certification Diamond Award and more than 100 platinum and 20 gold records. We only work with the best talent and we will match your songwriter, musicians and vocalists according to your needs.